List All Applicants

Get all applicants

List Applicants

List all applicants within your account. Pagination is available.

You can get all of the information about an applicant — including their scorecard results, background check information, and labels.

Use the page parameter to indicate the page for pagination, e.g. &page=2 to get to the 2nd page of the listing.

However, the page parameter value has a limit due to performance reasons. If you need to access very old pages, please use cursor-based pagination. Every API response contains pagination.next_cursor property, which you can use as a ?cursor=<cursor_string> in the next request. The parameter will look like this: ?cursor=cnNwcWJ4VWp1T0Y5eFZWSGIvUmZjdz09LS14Z1RZbGlCdmNRdHNJMEho....


We support optional filters for selecting only applicants that you care about. You can also list all applicants in your account, without filtering.

Opening or Stage ID

You can filter the applicants by an Opening (funnel) and/or Stage, using the funnel_id or stage_id parameters. You must use the unique ID of the Stage or Opening, not the title. To look up the ID of an Opening (funnel) or Stage, use the List All Positions or List All Stages endpoints.

Stage type

Filter applicants by the type of their current stage, which can be one of the following: hired, rejected, archived, background_check, interview, signature. Please note, applicants?stage=hired will return hired applicants from all funnels in your account.

Date created or last transition date

Together with updated_at, you can also use created_at or last_transitioned_at, or any combination of those. When using multiple conditions, an “OR” filter is used and applicants must match all date parameters to be returned. Dates need to be in ISO8601 format, and the timezone is UTC. For example: ?created_at=2016-12-23&last_transitioned_at=2017-01-06, or using ranges: ?created_at[gt]=2017-04-14T10:00:00&created_at[lt]=2017-04-17T14:00:00.


To filter by label, you can provide a comma-separated list of labels in the labels parameter. To get applicants which don’t have a certain label, prepend the label name with -.

For example: applicants?labels=Contacted,-Banned will return applicants who have a Contacted label and also do not have a Banned label.


Labels must be URL encoded

If you pass the labels in the URL query string, their names must be URL-encoded, e.g. /api/v2/applicants?labels=Contacted,Other%20Label,-Not%20Interested.

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