Create an Applicant

Create an applicant

Create an applicant

To create an applicant, pass the required attributes and you are ready to go.

  • All attribute keys must be at the root level.

  • Required attributes: name, email, phone_number;

  • email must be a valid e-mail address;

  • phone_number must be a string;

  • Date parameters provided in the data and secure_data collections must be strings following ISO 8601 standard formats (e.g. start_date:"YYYY-MM-DD")

  • If the account has WhatApp enabled, set phone_platform: whats_app


Note for Funnel ID

Although funnel_id is not required, applicants created without a specified funnel_id will be placed in the first opening ever created in the account.

Use the funnel_id parameter to indicate which opening the applicant should be created within. Use the GET List All Openings method to retrieve the unique Funnel IDs in your account.


Duplicate Applicant Settings

By default, the create applicant action will honor the per-opening restrictions that are configured in your organizations' "Duplicate Applicant" settings. These include options such as limiting applicants to applying to an opening only once, for example. If you want to opt-in to additional duplicate filtering rules in your company settings (such as "Block application if rejection reason is Excess Capacity", for example), you must include the check_if_applicant_is_duplicate: true parameter in the body of your POST request.

Only the following specific types of secure data are supported. They can be sent to Fountain through a standard POST request if sent as as 'secure_data[ethnicity]'.


Secure Fields

You can also add secure fields by passing in a secure_data array along with the standard data array. These fields are encrypted in our system, so you should use them for personally identifiable and sensitive information like SSN, driver's license numbers, etc. Supported fields include:

  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • citizenship
  • can_work_in_us
  • religious_preference
  • income_salary
  • income_income_tax_dollar_amount
  • income_ss_tax
  • income_medicare_tax
  • income_taxpayer_identification_number
  • driver_license_number
  • driver_license_expiration_date
  • driver_license_state
  • ssn
  • national_identification_number
  • insurance_type
  • insurance_benefactor_first_name
  • insurance_benefactor_middle_name
  • insurance_benefactor_last_name
  • insurance_member_id
  • insurance_company_group_id
  • insurance_company_of_issue
  • insurance_country_of_issue
  • insurance_city_of_issue
  • insurance_issue_date
  • insurance_expiration_date
  • bank_name
  • bank_routing_number
  • bank_account_number
  • passport_number
  • passport_country_of_issue
  • passport_city_of_issue
  • passport_issue_date
  • passport_expiration_date
  • vehicle_make
  • vehicle_model
  • vehicle_year
  • vehicle_registration_plate_number
  • vehicle_vin_number
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