Frequently Asked Questions

What if the current API rate limit is insufficient for me?

  1. A secondary API key can be generated for your account, effectively doubling your rate limit. Please contact [email protected] about generating a secondary API key.

  2. Alternatively you can also upgrade your account to be hosted on single tenant servers, which allow for higher default rate limits per API key.

  3. Our team at Fountain is also in the process of building Bulk APIs to support our customers with use cases requiring operations on large datasets.
    If you'd like to submit feedback and ask about any existing or upcoming Bulk APIs, feel free to contact your CSM.

How should I format API requests if my account uses a single tenant environment?

For most customers, the default API domain will be https//<API endpoint>.
For our customers with single tenancy or tenancy in our new regional environments, please use the following format for API requests:

https://<your_Fountain_account_URL><API endpoint>

How should I reset or rotate my primary and secondary API keys?

Within your Fountain account, navigate to Company Settings > API > Show API Keys.
If your user account has sufficient permissions, Fountain settings will allow the following:

  • Request a Secondary API Token
  • Delete your Secondary API Token
  • Promote your Secondary API Token to Primary (Deletes your Primary API Token)



Changing any existing API keys will affect all current API requests and webhook services.
Do not change your API keys without first pausing live API and webhook traffic.

Please contact [email protected] for questions and/or best practices whenever changing your API tokens.