Update Applicant Info

Update an applicant's information

Very similar to the "Create an applicant" method.

However, name, email, and phone_number are not required. If they are passed, the applicant will be validated with the new values.

Passing whats_app as a value to the phone_platform argument will only update applicants that belong to accounts that have Whats App enabled.

Existing attributes are overwritten (except auto-generated attributes such as created_at), and new attributes are added.

If an existing attribute is set to null or "", it will be removed.

Updating data keys of type address

When attempting to update complex objects such as address type values, the "Body Params" builder and "Try It!" will not build the request correctly. Please use curl or Postman to build the request manually.

When updating a value that has a data_key of type address you will want to submit the data in the following format. In this example, address_key is a data_key of type address:

  'data': {
    'address_key': {
      'country_code': 'United States',
      'city': 'Billings',
      'address_2': 'suite 301',
      'state_code': 'MT',
      'postal_code': '59101',
      'street_address': '327 Burlington',
      'country_code_iso': 'US',
      'state_code_iso': 'MT',
      'state_code_name': 'Montana',


Secure Fields

You can also add secure fields by passing in a secure_data array along with the standard data array. These fields are encrypted in our system, so you should use them for personally identifiable and sensitive information like SSN, driver's license numbers, etc. Supported fields include:

  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • citizenship
  • can_work_in_us
  • religious_preference
  • income_salary
  • income_income_tax_dollar_amount
  • income_ss_tax
  • income_medicare_tax
  • income_taxpayer_identification_number
  • driver_license_number
  • driver_license_expiration_date
  • driver_license_state
  • ssn
  • national_identification_number
  • insurance_type
  • insurance_benefactor_first_name
  • insurance_benefactor_middle_name
  • insurance_benefactor_last_name
  • insurance_member_id
  • insurance_company_group_id
  • insurance_company_of_issue
  • insurance_country_of_issue
  • insurance_city_of_issue
  • insurance_issue_date
  • insurance_expiration_date
  • bank_name
  • bank_routing_number
  • bank_account_number
  • passport_number
  • passport_country_of_issue
  • passport_city_of_issue
  • passport_issue_date
  • passport_expiration_date
  • vehicle_make
  • vehicle_model
  • vehicle_year
  • vehicle_registration_plate_number
  • vehicle_vin_number
  • w4_federal_form
  • w4_state_form
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