List Calendar Slots

List all booked slots for an account. Option to include unbooked slots as well. Supports filtering on opening and stage as well as pagination

List Sessions

List all sessions within your account. Pagination is available.

You can get all of the information about a session — including start time, end time, max attendees, as well as how many applicants booked that session and whether the booked applicants attended or not.

Use the page parameter to indicate the page for pagination, e.g. &page=2 to get to the 2nd page of the listing.

However, the page parameter value has a limit due to performance reasons. If you need to access very old pages, please use cursor-based pagination. Every API response contains pagination.next_cursor property, which you can use as a ?cursor=<cursor_string> in the next request. The parameter will look like this: ?cursor=cnNwcWJ4VWp1T0Y5eFZWSGIvUmZjdz09LS14Z1RZbGlCdmNRdHNJMEho....


The Opening ID, or funnel_id is a required parameter for this endpoint.

We also support optional filters for selecting sessions from only the stages that you care about, by using the stage_id parameter.

For both the Opening and Stage ID, you must use the unique ID of the Stage or Opening, not the title. To look up the ID of an Opening (funnel) or Stage, use the List All Positions or List All Stages endpoints.

Booked or unbooked

You can return all the sessions, even those that are not yet booked, by passing with_unbooked=true. Otherwise, only booked sessions will be returned by default.

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