List User Activities


This endpoint allows you to query for all of the activity of a particular user. The endpoint allows filtering by date ranges and activity types.

Some examples of logged user activities are creating Applicants, moving Applicants within an Opening, scheduling interviews, modifying Applicant profile data, and uploading a file to an Applicant's profile.

Retrieve user ID's using the List all Users endpoint.


The maximum date range is 1 month, otherwise an error will be returned.

  • Time Format: YYYY-MM-DD

Response Schema

Type: array

  • id (integer)
    • Unique identifier for each activity
  • activity_type (string)
    • Description of the user activity performed. Format is "[Object].[Action]". For example if an applicant is created, the activity_type = "applicant.created"
    • activity (array)
      • Some, but not all, user activities will come with contextual information about what Funnel or Stage the activity was performed
  • owner_type (string)
    • Description of the user type that performed this activity
  • owner_id (integer)
    • Unique identifier for the user that performed this activity
  • applicant_id (string)
    • Unique identifier for the Applicant affected by this ID.
  • created_at (string)
    • Timestamp for when this activity was performed
  • key (string)
    • Only relevant when activity_type = "data_field.edit". Identifies the Applicant data key that was modified.
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